Car Mirror Covers

This car mirror cover is excellent for decorating your car, or you can cover them on your side mirrors for protection. Add custom logos and designs,

An ideal tool to show your pride in your country, your hometown, or your favorite sports.

Print your logo on them to make your brand known.


Mirror covers contain durable elastic polyester, which will make the covers attach and stay securely in place, do not fall off. Each cover will come with a drawstring and a small cord. When using it, loosen the drawstring, insert the side mirror in the cover, and tighten back the drawstring.

We have two different sizes,

•            11.8”x9.5″ for SUV and

•            10.6”x9.5 “for Sedan.

Select anyone to fit your car.

Slip-on a pair of special-ordered car mirror socks to advertise and promote your company or product.